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Lead presentations during meetings


- Customer / User Research - Customer / User Persona Creation - Customer / User Journey Mapping - Market Research & Segmentation - Competitive Study

- In-depth interviews - Remote 1-on-1 interviews - Focus Group Discovery - Diary studies - Customer surveys - Usability Testing - UI/UX Audit - Customer Experiences (CX) Audit

- Quantitative and Qualitative Research - Data Analytics - Social Experiment - Business Delegation / Representative

Team work

Strategy & Innovation 

We imagine tomorrow's products/services and create them today. 

We outline the interaction between your customers and your business to discover opportunities to make it all work better together.


We then prioritize ground-breaking ideas into a roadmap that drives growth in the present and future with Pareto Principle “least effort, great outcome” mentality.

Product Management & Product Strategy - OKRs, Product Metrics & Analytics - Unique Value Proposition - MVP Building - PMF (Product Market Fit) Strategy - Growth Hacking - Improving Product Development Processes

Product/Business Performance Improvement - Audit existing products/services - CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) - Optimize current flow / business process/ product/ services/ organization structure - Positioning / Unique Value Proposition - Cost reduction/efficiency - Optimization - Automation - Customer Acquisition - Improving Customer Retention - Optimizing Profitability - Business Model Mapping & Improvement - User Experiences (UX) Improvement

- Expand new market/segment (Indonesia market penetration) - Go-To-Market Strategy - Localization - Other - Setup Organization Foundation (People/Hiring Process, Business Process Standardization/SOP, Analytics, etc)


Development - Design 

We design, create a prototype, do the test and iterate again to meet users needs and deliver great customer experience.

- Design Sprint - UI/UX Analysis & Design - CX Analysis & Design - Wireframing / Prototyping - Copy Writing

- A/B Testing - Usability Testing - Product Design Innovation (Digital & Non Digital)

Focusing at Work
Focusing at Work

Development - Implementation / Tech Solution 

We look at a problem as a business problem rather than a software problem. We address the core issue rather than just a band aid for the issue. We work closely with clients in resolving gaps and identifying areas of process improvement.

- Requirement Analysis (translate from biz to tech requirements) - Functional breakdown (User Story Mapping) - Sprint Backlog & Management - Project Follow up & Testing - QA - UAT - Web, Mobile App Development

Business meeting

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Data is the new oil. Like oil, data is valuable, but if unrefined, it cannot really be used.


Data must be broken down then analyzed for it to have value and it can be used to derive insights. Insights can drive customer retention, upselling, new revenue models, advertising, etc.

 If data is the new oil, insights are the new money.

- Product's Metrics & Analytics - Data Mining & Analysis - Reporting (Dashboard Analytics)

user interview session.jpg

Field Work

Do you need freelance field team to help you with some daily tasks or one time project/event?


We are experience to help you in operational, gathering data, run events, help with your research/social experiment, etc.

You name it. Just contact us for futher discussion.

  I don't know yet

No worries, you can tell us your needs here

Our team can assist you to discuss more :)

Why you should work with us


We are small boutique winning agile team. Our startup culture make us think creatively, highly adaptable,  love to do experiments, and we are not afraid getting our hands dirty.

Expertise & Quality

We know how to get a project done. From discussion over a cup of coffee to production.


We deliver what others promise.

Efficient & Cost-effective

No need to hire various roles on your own. Access various skills and expertise in one place with us. Hassle-free.

In-house dedicated & cross-functional team

Fully cross-functional team ready to accelerate your business. We are passionate with our work. Love to learn and have expertise in our field more than 8 years. We act as extension of your team -- work and collaborate since day 1 without hassle.

Flexible and personalized approach

We understand every business is different. We can work together whether on the project-based, open scope or any type of work engagement tailor to your needs.

International Work Environment

We're experienced work with many international companies mainly startups, self-employed, and NGOs. 

 What makes us different

How we offer unique benefits over freelancer and other traditional agencies.

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Project we proud of

Lets work together

Wall of ideas

create new ventures / market / products / services / customer segment

2 Puzzle Pieces

solve existing business challenges

Chart on the digital tablet screen.

Product/Business Performance Improvement

Image by Andy Hermawan

Expand, grow and scale business

Say hi to us

We are on the same boat. Lets work together to achieve our mission. We are only one message away :)

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