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Sandy Beach


Glad to meet you here! :)

We work together with companies to discover valuable insights and turn them into impactful solutions that address the real needs of both the business and its customers.

Our clients range from


New Business, Startup

Business meeting in a cafe

Existing Business

Artist Painting Picture

Solopreneur,  Professional, Self-Employed

Casual Business Meeting

Researcher, NGO

 We can help you with

Why you should work with us


We are small boutique winning agile team. Our startup culture make us think creatively, highly adaptable,  love to do experiments, and we are not afraid getting our hands dirty.

Expertise & Quality

We know how to get a project done. From discussion over a cup of coffee to production.


We deliver what others promise.

Efficient & Cost-effective

No need to hire various roles on your own. Access various skills and expertise in one place with us. Hassle-free.

In-house dedicated & cross-functional team

Fully cross-functional team ready to accelerate your business. We are passionate with our work. Love to learn and have expertise in our field more than 8 years. We act as extension of your team -- work and collaborate since day 1 without hassle.

Flexible and personalized approach

We understand every business is different. We can work together whether on the project-based, open scope or any type of work engagement tailor to your needs.

International Work Environment

We're experienced work with many international companies mainly startups, self-employed, and NGOs. 

 What makes us different

How we offer unique benefits over freelancer and other traditional agencies.

USP IL.png

Project we proud of

Lets work together

Wall of ideas

create new ventures / market / products / services / customer segment

2 Puzzle Pieces

solve existing business challenges

Chart on the digital tablet screen.

Product/Business Performance Improvement

Image by Andy Hermawan

Expand, grow and scale business

Say hi to us

We are on the same boat. Lets work together to achieve our mission. We are only one message away :)

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